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Preferably, you would like to have an airtight barrier higher than and below your fiberglass batts. If you can reach those two air barriers, then wind-washing isn't a difficulty inside a roof like yours. (It could be inside of a vented unconditioned attic, of course, Primarily close to the soffits.)

I manage to remember this but, it has been awhile. Appears there are lots of options for us here. Thanks for your aid as well as refresher. Once more I rejoice the practical dissemination of data In this particular complex age vs looking for any e-book.

Our cooler mornings might make the interior of my metallic roof sheeting to sweat marginally given that it will be in connection with the hotter unvented fiberglass-insulated purlin "cavity" underneath. Once our incredibly hot Caribbean sunshine begins to kick in I need this humidity to dry and/or diffuse out of this cavity, from the gypsum sheeting, into the cathedral residing space underneath, to then be blown outside of my 4x3 gable window. A vapor barrier would absolutely retard this method.

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I now realize that stucco can't be placed on a roof, so I will revert on the a metal roof, but nonetheless want to own an unvented attic. I have browse through "Creating a conditioned attic", and am nevertheless not sure regarding The obvious way to carry right here on.

The air leakage that Dana described would keep your roof dry, but would undermine its thermal performance.

I employed to operate being a roofer, and roofs that happen to be fully coated with Ice & Water Shield make me anxious. I see this kind of layout as lazy and potentially problematic.

I similar to the detail provided but I would not get in touch with that a cathedral ceiling affliction since it includes ceiling joists spanning at The underside of the roof rafters. I would connect with this an insulated attic.

In case your climate is not much too significant it's almost certainly okay to obtain just the R-ten foam around the structural metal, Though there is some threat which the metal could sweat in cold temperature. I'm assuming You furthermore mght intended to insulate the 2x12 joist bays to get your overall R-price to an inexpensive degree.

"Every single home is unique. Website The factors which will have saved the roof sheathing of the home you explain could include things like:

The R value of your cut'n'cobbled foam + exterior foam must be at the least forty% of the middle-cavity R value for dew level control for the foam/fiber boundary in zone five. If It is coming up somewhat shy of that in advance of introducing the outside foam it isn't a huge deal from the short-term, but when it may be 5-a decade prior to re-roofing to raise the foam-R to previously mentioned 40% of the entire It truly is value employing vapor barrier latex primer about the gypsum board, or a smart vapor retarder amongst the gypsum board & fiberglass.

I've loads of partitions to re-insulate, and once the roof is handled I will have rafter bays to insulate, and It could be practical to own some Perception into which kind of fiberglass provides what benefit for its Expense.

The aged Canadian guideline -- a minimum of 2/3 of the total R-worth on the outside aspect in the vapor barrier -- is actually a rough-and-Completely ready way to deal with this concern; it's also attainable to method the problem by executing a dew-position Evaluation or simply a WUFI Evaluation.

Many thanks in your proposed addition on the listing of products for making website-constructed vent baffles. I've edited the text of my blog site to include your recommendation.

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